Thursday, 11 November 2010

New items in our collection...

This month we have one of the rarest Merrow Associates pieces ever made, the Merrow Associates daybed...

We also have an Ercol modular seating system in various shades of Designers Guild 'Brera' linen...

As well as this unusual de sede design, the DS140 sofa by Reto Frigg...

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Today I'm thinking about 'KITE STRINGS' designed in 1955 by David Parsons for Heals Fabrics Ltd. It's a gorgeous atomic design with a strong scientific influence and has become something of a 1950s classic! The gorgeous zingy bright colourways this beautiful fabric was produced in , added a real lift to 50s homes after the gruelling war years.

It was produced in at least 3 different colourways; red, yellow and a very rare's a picture of the red colourway .

We have all 3 colour ways in stock and will be adding the wall- art and cushions to our new textile collection very soon...

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Love Vintage Furniture has been collecting ( and adoring) Lucienne Day's wonderful textile designs.... we've had some stretched and mounted as wall art and popped them into our latest collection update...we chose; MEZZANINE; MISCELLANY; LINDEN & TICKER TAPE for starters...

Monday, 18 October 2010


We had a visit last week from furniture designer and maker Liam Treanor. He came to have a good look around our warehouse for ideas and inspiration.

We both have a passion for mid century Danish design, particularly Finn Juhl and Arne Jacobsen.

The Arne Jacobsen Ant chairs and Egg table (Myran) suite is a wonderful example of design from this period, combining intricate production techniques with amazing materials to create a simple yet beautiful design.

(This suite is available on our website)

One of my favourite pieces from this era is Finn Juhl's Chieftain chair. I haven't found one yet, or even come close for that matter but one day I would love to own one.

You can really see the Danish influence in Liam's designs, have a look at the Alvar Aalto inspired Carabao chair at -

Friday, 15 October 2010


We have some beautiful items for the website next week, including a new selection of wall art.

So look forward to...

An extremely rare Poul M. Volther daybed 
A selection of lovely G-plan stools
An early 1950s Finn Juhl style suite (used in this months Elle Decoration ad)

We've also got together a wonderful selection of our vintage textiles and created some beautiful wall art.

Here's a sneak peak of the 1950s suite....

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Miscellany - a mixture of various things; a medley...designed by Lucienne Day in 1952 for British Celanese...this exquisite textile lives up to its name indeed....keep on reading the blog...our wall art is coming.....we've had just 4 of these stretched ..available for sale right now...

Monday, 11 October 2010

A pile of pansies....

...and these too......sitting on the very gorgeous Ercol modular chairs we showed off at Tent London a couple of weeks back...

Christmas is coming.....

it's getting all Chrismassy at the LVF warehouse ! I was down there earlier and it was baubles everywhere for styling our half-page ad in the December edition of Elle Decoration....that Merrow Associates Daybed is seriously sexy even though we do say so ourselves!

however - I need to keep my mind on.... cushions! .....we've got ooodles of them in all sorts of fabulous fabric combos; vintage and contemporary designs, tartans, checks, linens , wools and silks.

here's an image of our latest offering - this gorgeous autumnal Liberty of London Ianthe fabric with Titley & Marr check wool back..stuffed with the softest and plumpest feather pad.

you can find our cushions for sale on Folksy - - and we will, in the very near future, be adding a page on the website for cushions and our new range of vintage fabric wall art... some very rare lucienne day , barbara brown and david whitehead designs !

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


We're thrilled to see the absolutely beautiful home of our friend Louise Presley (check out her beautiful work at in the November edition of BBC Homes & Antiques really is so inspiring and really makes me want to whip the sewing machine out! Delighted that Louise asked us to put some of our pieces in for the photo shoot ...we gave her free run of the warehouse and she decided on the 1950s Ronald Long wing backed sofa and armchair which looked absolutely perfect in her front room.

Happy to say that the Beeb thought so as well and we are loving the full page photo showing it in all it's reworked glory!!

We are delighted to get a mention in their 'get the look' with a image of the Ernest Race DA1 armchair....

...and even better - both the Ernest Race and the 50s armchair are now 'reserved' !!

Friday, 1 October 2010


Just thought I should explain the slightly unusual intro page.

We wanted to show different components of the Merrow associates daybed in a kind of factory like production line style. This image visualizes the restoration process each of our pieces go through.

We've been waiting a while for a Leather hide large enough to upholster the daybed with and finally have one that fits the bill. The chrome legs and supports are just stunning and along with the steel framed base show off the strong architectural and engineering roots of the company.

I think we might use the daybed for our christmas Elle decoration ad so should be available on the website early November...

Thursday, 2 September 2010


At long last we have reupholstered our original vintage Florence Knoll for Knoll suite and it's looking stupendously desirable. We bought this just over a year ago in rather a sad & sorry state. It was the seating used in The Prodigy's recording studio in Liam Howlett's house - so has Rock Star credentials!

It's been painstakingly and lovingly reupholstered in a sublime 100% graphite grey wool and is ready to take centre stage when we show at Tent London later on this month - here are some 'before & after' shots

Knoll says of this iconic suite " like so many of her groundbreaking designs that became the gold standard for the industry, Florence Knoll\s 1954 lounge collection has made its way into the pantheon of modern classics"

Love Vintage Furniture agrees...

Friday, 20 August 2010


We finally got our Love Vintage Furniture sign made and put up above our warehouse doors!!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Sneaky peek of our October ad in Elle Decoration ....just in time to announce that we will be showing our unique collection of mid-century modern pieces at Tent London.

We had a SPECTACULAR August and sold some of our most beautiful pieces; the Askel Quistgaard and MERROW rosewood sideboard were snapped up by the same discerning buyer - he also bought the exquisite teak sideboard shown in one of our earlier blogs.

We delivered the Walter Knoll Wenge desk and the Brazilian rosewood and black leather sofa to our delightful client in Edinburgh ! De Sede is Brussels bound - the Hvidt is 'reserved'...what a month!!

Sunday, 4 July 2010


Gonna make this a short but sweet entry because I really should be bathing Rosie the White dog!

Another OoD to drool over - the perfectly formed Butterfly chair....I bought this chair for £30 off Swinderby ,it did have a broken leg but Jack repaired that long ago...I will NEVER EVER part with this chair!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Coming soon to Love Vintage Furniture...

Kai Kristiansen armchair for Magnus Olesen - Fully re-upholstered in olive green wool

Heals rosewood and chrome extending table

Egon Eiermann SE 68 chairs for Wilde & Spieth - Fully re-upholstered in a gorgeous selection of complementary fabrics

Beautiful rosewood and seagrass wall unit - Designer unknown, possibly Danish/German

1950s organic lounge chair and footstool - Fully re-upholstered in a textile by Orla Kiely

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Love Vintage Furniture


The official name for this OoD (object of desire) is the tongue-tripping '510 Slide Leg Extending Table'..imagine saying that for the 50th time on a hot Saturday afternoon in the 60s!

It still makes the OoD list because it's GORGEOUS!

Quirky Ercol fact to share...the 510 tables produced in the 1960s are slightly narrower than the later 1970s models - only by a tiddly 2cm but makes a really big difference in terms of aesthetics...after nearly 10 years of buying, selling, restoring and re-upholstering vintage Ercol pieces, i'm full of quirky facts - would you like to hear more..?

Thursday, 24 June 2010


It's become one of Ercol Furniture best loved vintage pieces and has enjoyed a huge revival in interest over the last four or five years. I heard tell it was going to be re-issued in collaboration with Designers Guild - seems like a pretty good marriage to me .

We've lovingly restored a few of these - the images show just three examples for you to feast your eyes upon...enjoy....

Thursday, 17 June 2010

How does one find the time?

So apparently one has to blog every day in order for it to make a difference. Another thing to do every day, that's quite a scary thought - I already don't do all the things I'm meant to do every day....clean the house...walk the black & white dogs...cook the dinner and now I'm spending my entire day thinking about how and what to write on this blog of ours. Well they say 'practise makes perfect'.

Yesterday everything I wrote kept magically turning into Hindi before my very eyes...but super-smart Sophia has fixed that pesky little problem and so here i go....

and by the way, so is Love Vintage Furniture - you can now find us selling our wares on and

Our latest upholstered furniture is just making its way into the warehouse - a quirky 1970s low-slung beech & chrome swivel chair upholstered in ALBA ( we love ALBA) by DESIGNERS GUILD ( we love DG too) and a pair of GRETE JALK for FRANCE & SON armchairs in a very sexy grey pinstripe wool - looks like they may be heading straight into our latest container for Taiwan so here could well be the only place you ever get to see the little beauties.. I wanted to show you the chair but now the image uploader has gone all shy on me...hey ho ...I'm pressing the 'publish' button.....

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A few unidentified pieces...

I've been searching through our design books and online archives, from the V&A to the Danish Museum of Art for a few unidentified pieces. We have a beautiful rosewood table made by Heals that Once I saw, I fell completely in love with! Its a great example of the Heals craftsmanship and an interesting design, using tubular steel legs set into wooden supports. Possibly designed by Anthony Heal.

We have a lovely teak sideboard which has also stumped me! We bought this piece along with a rare Poul Volther daybed which is going through the upholstery process soon... The sideboard is probably Danish and late 1950's. It has a handle similar to a Wegner model for Ry and drawers similar to a Hvidt Soborg Mobler sideboard but I cant find it anywhere.

My job is a great deal easier when they are stamped. Although, when searching for specific items I generally come across something i wasn't looking for. Recently I discovered a Works design sofa bed for Gplan which I found whilst researching the Heals table. The sofa bed is now re-upholstered and earmarked for Tent London. I've attached a few images of the table and the mystery Danish sideboard, any ideas?

Josh Love

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hey everybody....

It's not all just about our gorgeous mid-century modern furniture. Here we are slap bang - right in the middle of getting a new PM and the first time that Josh & Sophie have ever known a Conservative Government. The Love/Tindall household has also been 'hung' over the last few days but we too have now negotiated our way to a coalition and agreed on who will walk the dogs...feed the cat and put the bins out!! Rule we go..xx

Joanne Love

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Hello from Love Vintage Furniture

This is our first post on the new blog. Welcome to everyone! We're new to blogging and hope this will become a platform to share news and events for LVF. But also just a place to share your love of vintage furniture!

Happy Blogging!

Love Vintage Furniture