Thursday, 17 June 2010

How does one find the time?

So apparently one has to blog every day in order for it to make a difference. Another thing to do every day, that's quite a scary thought - I already don't do all the things I'm meant to do every day....clean the house...walk the black & white dogs...cook the dinner and now I'm spending my entire day thinking about how and what to write on this blog of ours. Well they say 'practise makes perfect'.

Yesterday everything I wrote kept magically turning into Hindi before my very eyes...but super-smart Sophia has fixed that pesky little problem and so here i go....

and by the way, so is Love Vintage Furniture - you can now find us selling our wares on and

Our latest upholstered furniture is just making its way into the warehouse - a quirky 1970s low-slung beech & chrome swivel chair upholstered in ALBA ( we love ALBA) by DESIGNERS GUILD ( we love DG too) and a pair of GRETE JALK for FRANCE & SON armchairs in a very sexy grey pinstripe wool - looks like they may be heading straight into our latest container for Taiwan so here could well be the only place you ever get to see the little beauties.. I wanted to show you the chair but now the image uploader has gone all shy on me...hey ho ...I'm pressing the 'publish' button.....

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