Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Ole Wanscher Armchairs - Before and After

A while ago we gave a pair of Ole Wanscher Armchairs the Love Vintage treatment, here are the results.


They didn't make it onto the website as friends of ours snapped them up for their lovely flat in The Barbican, where the chairs look completely at home along side the lovely G-Plan Sofa Bed
Thought it would be nice to show a few pieces in a more natural environment than the blank studio ...... I will also add a few images of the Merrow Sideboard in situ which ended up as part of a fantastic renovation in Cheshire.


  1. We spotted that John Lewis have launched a 'retro-inspired with Modernist touches' furniture collection called 'Barbican' .... wondering if they were inspired by this post!

  2. We will have to take a look at that one...always hunting for the 'just-right' fabric !