Sunday, 6 March 2011

Ship Ahoy!!

Thank you thank you to our new blog followers ... not that there will be much ....we are bad bloggers its a case of life interrupts us!

But today I have to made the effort to say a great big thank you to Minimoderns for giving us such a lovely credit on the new opening page of the website....which looks gorgeous, by the way..

We met Minimoderns at Tent last year and our paths crossed again recently. Our furniture and their products are such a perfect fit we were happy to team up our very rare Robin Day sideboard (still coming soon!) and their new Whitby wallpaper.

By the way have you seen the Robin Day feature in this months Elle Deco...there's the sideboard...the other one of the pair we have coming soon ...


  1. ur very welcome - ur furniture and photography is always amazing - best wishes keith and mark at Mini Moderns

  2. Just followed you here from The Whitby Paper link. Love your stuff!