Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Yellow Wonderwall

We LOVE the lime-yellow wall in our back room!

Three things inspired us to use this zingy shade; the yellow aprons worn by the cooks on Lucienne Day's 1959 design - Too Many Cooks, tea towel; an abstract tile by Ann Wynn Reeves, Kenneth Clark Pottery for H & R Johnson circa 1960 and Designers Guild upholstery fabric - Alchemilla in Brera Linen which we used on the 1950s suite for sale on our website

Even though we had a long old wait before we could finally paint the plaster, it was worth it. Over a year has passed and we still love the colour on this wall!

In Autumn it was mellow and peaceful and picked up the colours of the falling leaves; winter it was warm and cozy ...looked so beautiful with our morso wood burning stove; Spring sprung and it made us feel cheerful and optimistic and when the long hot days (wishful thinking) of Summer finally arrive, it will be cool and calming.

We are just about to embark on a major restoration of our front room...wonderwall will happen there...?

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