Thursday, 24 March 2011


Early last week I was inspired by a room shot which featured a very bright yellow 'Slice' chair. Designed by Pierre Paulin and manufactured by Artifort in the early 1960s. It reminded me of the pair we bought a couple of years back. They were original 60s editions covered in a rather drab nondescript not blue not grey contract hopsack - so wrong for these exuberant cheerful smiling chairs. They were in a sad and sorry state from sitting in a dank and fusty spot for years and being the chairhounds that we are, we knew exactly what to do to to give them a new lease of life.

Blessed with our genius upholsterer, they were stripped right down to the bare frame which is shell of pressed peach wood , stainless steel frame and very few fixings. They were rebuilt using fire retardant high density foam core and recovered. We absolutely had to use a typical 1960s orange wool for one and allowed ourselves to get carried away with the other. We chose to pay homage to the fabulous 1960s design 'Circuit' by Barbara Brown for Heals Fabrics Ltd.

They worked our rather well, don't you think?

Both sold rather quick, the Circuit Slice now lives in a penthouse apartment in Taipei, Taiwan, the Orange Slice is somewhere in London.

Thank you to Paul @retrorumage and @obsessilicious for providing the inspiration to write the blog.

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  1. The Orange Slice chair ended up in Butlers wharf overlooking the Thames.